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Recipe For Success

By: AJ

Eggs, milk, flour, oil.  These are essential ingredient to making a cake.  Am I here today to tell you how to bake a cake?  Well, no.  But I do have a recipe for something better – a great life in recovery!

This process is tried and true, and even better – it’s free.  The essentials in my recovery consist of doing five things every day.  I don’t do it perfect, sometimes not at all, but I can tell you when I practice this to the best of my ability things seem to be OK.

1.       Go to a meeting
AA has gotten me sober.  AA is keeping me sober.  I must attend meetings regularly for many different reasons.  Sometimes I go begrudgingly, sometimes with excitement, but I’ve not once left a meeting wishing I hadn’t gone.

2.       Pray
It could be long, sincere and on my knees, or a quick shout out to God, but keeping conscious contact with my Higher Power is something I strive for daily.

3.       Be of Service
I can’t always save the world, but I can do a little good every day.  Being of service could mean cleaning coffee cups after a meeting or reading the big book with a newcomer.  It could also mean picking a gum wrapper off of the ground.  Big or little, I try to make a positive impact every day.

4.       Call My Sponsor
I had to be in contact daily when I was new, and even now I stay in contact with my sponsor.  Keeping that line of communication open and regular meetings with my sponsor is a key part of my recovery.

5.       Step work
Read one word out of the Big Book, or ten pages of inventory.  It doesn’t matter as long as I stay in the process.

These five things were suggested to me as a recipe for success by my sponsor, and I pass these on to those I sponsor.  In a perfect world I would do all these every day.  It doesn’t always happen, but at least they are tools I have at my disposal.

I do it because it works. 

I do it because I live a life in recovery.



Be Positive. Be Compassionate. Be Love. Be Spiritual. Be Life. Just BE.

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