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APPRECIATION: The Grain of Gratitude​

By: DL

I pulled out my laptop at lunch today, and it was dead.  You know what that means... Yep!  More phone blogging!  Thankfully, I can actually blog from a phone.  So glad!

Appreciation is the grain of gratitude.  Appreciation for the little things.  The obvious things.  The things that we over look daily.

I woke up this morning, tired, slightly stiff, and feeling the humidity from the rain outside.

"Damn rain."  Left Side and Right Side began... already.

I ignored the comment as best I could, stretched my arms to the ceiling, and yawned a sigh of relief.  I was alive.  I used to hate that fact, but today, I can honestly appreciate the breath that enters my lungs.

With a deep exhale, I sat still and prayed to my Higher Power.  What a difference he's made for me; I know it's his grace that has brought me this far, and I want him to know I realized this.


As I meditated, I could feel the fans in my room jostle little strands of my hair, tickling my forehead to test my attentiveness.  Though I didn't scratch, I smiled.  In some small way, the breeze had won; on a larger scale, I had -- I didn't otherwise budge.  Who knew this day would ever come, where I could let the little things pass right by?  I certainly didn't.

A quick, warm shower, and off to work I went.  As I drove, I began to realize the condition of my car.  I had loaned it to AF in pretty reasonable cleanliness, but when it was returned, it was much cleaner than when it was loaned out.  I hadn't noticed it previously because I'd been driving my truck around during the day, and only drove the car once on the way home in the dark.  It was nearly spotless!  She did a fantastic job of caring for my car, now christened Charlie by the Car-Whisperer, AF.

On my way way, I stopped by a coffee shop for a nice double-shot of wake-up juice, coffee.  I placed my order, and a disgruntled attendant said, "I hate the rain! grumble grumble"  I replied with an understanding smile, "The rains scrub the sky so we can see the sun."  She glanced at me with a squint in her eye, and I watched the grumpiness melt into a delightful smile.  After a brief moment, she said, "Yes.  Yes, I guess it does."  As I drove away with my window still down, I could hear her greeting the next customer with a joyful "Good morning!  How are you this fine, wonderful morning?"

I drove away in awe of that moment, at how just a friendly, little smile turned a grumpy girl into a pleasant one, who surely made the morning that much more pleasant for her next customer.

It's the little things.  The obvious things.  The things we overlook daily.

These kinds of things seem to happen more and more often, I noticed.   One day, in quite the foul mood, I tended to some much needed shopping.  I don't recall why, but I remember being downright angry at something that evening.

I was told once by a good friend of mine, HW, that one can tell how spiritually fit they are by whether or not they will put back a grocery cart.  Well, when I came out of the store, I had resolved to leave the damn cart in the parking lot (out of the way) rather than put it where it belonged.

After I had unloaded the cart, a man walked up to me, smiled, and said, "I'll take that back for you," and he gently removed the cart from my grip, nodded his head, and walked away.

As I stood there shocked, much as the coffee attendant had, the strangest thing happened to me -- a tingling warmth came over me and a smile, entirely out of my control, spread across my face, and I was lifted.  All the troubles that I had deemed necessary to be concerned with suddenly melted away.  I had, on some very small scale, just had a spiritual awakening.  Again.

He did nothing more than make a fine gesture of friendliness which turned the rest of my entire evening into one of peace and serenity -- you know, the very kind that we pray for when we repeat the Serenity Prayer.  Ya, that kind.

It's the little things.  The obvious things.  The things we overlook daily.

Appreciate them.  They are so small most of the time that they often get overlooked. Like the millions of smalls grains of sand that make up a beach, so appreciation can make up our gratitude.

And as a whole, that's a lot to take for granted.



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