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Computer Updates Hinder Blogger

By: DL

Well, I was going to attempt to blog from my computer this morning, but as luck would have it, my computer didn't do ALL of the updates last night, it only did SOME of them.  <sigh> I guess I'm getting blessed with the lesson of acceptance  as well as patience.  If you've ever blogged from a phone before, you'll know what i mean -- especially if you're like me and hen-peck the keyboard with one finger. It's kinda funny, because I am a type-by-touch typist on a computer keyboard; I can type pretty fast pretty well while blind folded. Good luck with a soft-keyboard. Oi.

Alrighty then - let the games begin! 😑

Woke up early this morning for some reason.  And when I say early, I mean about three hours early.  Never did fall back asleep, either.  Yodel.

It's the recent excitement in my life.  Lots of changes happening, most too slow to see.  On point, I went to work out yesterday with a friend of mine, HW, and I decided to weigh myself.  I had very intentionally not stepped onto a scale for MONTHS (as in, nearly eleven months).  But today, I just decided to take a sneak peak.  I looked at the scale, and thought, 'What?!  Well THAT'S way off." So I stepped down and used the restroom.  But something was nagging me... so I went back and reweighed myself.  A smile of confusion must have stretched pretty widely across my face, because as I stepped down, some buff guy, who'd obviously been working out for quite some time, asked with a smile, "Huh, news?"

I couldn't help but grin even further, and I shook my head.  "Well, ya.  If that is accurate, then I'd say 'Yes! Great news!'"

Waiting in anticipation, he asked, "Well?"

"I've lost just over [I'm gonna make my viewers wait!] pounds!"

"WOW!  That is great news!" he smiled with obvious enthusiasm, "You're my hero for today!  Congratulations!  Good job!" he praised.

I felt sheepish, said thanks, and awkwardly left the locker room to begin my "workout" with renewed hope and vigor.


This wouldn't have happened if I hadn't sobered up, decided to actually recover, and had the support of my family and wonderful new friends I've met in my new life.  It's encouraging, and makes that light of hope grow stronger.

<happy sigh> Anyway.

Okay, moving along here...

Apartment Update:
Found an apartment, and I am actually scheduled to move into it May 1.  IF I choose to.  I have about four days to back out, so I'm still looking.  while I like the apartment and all of the amenities (work out "gym", a couple of saltwater pools, dog park, kids park, multiple vehicle parking, on-site laundromat).  What I don't like about it is the location and the price.  It's not where I wanted it to be (though it would work okay), and the price is "eh" at best.  I've found similar apartments for roughly $75 less, minus the amenities, but inclusive of in-house washer dryer hookups.

I'll continue my search for now.  I have some time to decide whether or not to back out, which I may.  Meanwhile, if another unit feels like it suits my needs better and is cheaper, I'll be going that direction.  I don't want fancy-schmancy.  I just want want affordable living where I can save money and get some miles under my belt.

Okay, enough for this guy.  I've got to wrap it up and get to work.

Just an FYI:
I have a few blogs I've got in the works, but until I can sit down and focus on them, I'm sticking with this more raw-like update for now.  I've been out of the habit, and I can feel it.  Not a good place for an alcoholic like myself to be.  So focus focus focus -- even if they are small blogs, they're a blog.  It's important to me.



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