Recovery Inspiration


  A man once got an opportunity to ask the Buddha some questions. He asked him. Buddha are you a god? Buddha replied, No. Are you a spiritual teacher he then said? Buddha replied, No. The man then asked him, what are you? A slight smile crept on the Buddha's face as he replied. I am Awake! Today that is what recovery is for me. An awakening!!! I was in a meeting this evening and the topic was surrender. Let me be the first to say that surrender is hard for me. As the people in the meeting shared their experience, strength and hope around this particular subject, I gained a deeper understanding of what surrender meant to each of them. If you stick around the program you will surely hear it said " I came here for my drinking and I stay here for my thinking."How true that is for me today!!! Until the day I die there are lessons to be learned.

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards."