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Phone Blogging

By: DL

(NOTE: I wrote this blog yesterday evening (Saturday, 2/27/2016), but was unable to upload it then.  I chose to upload it tonight because I'm tired, and the one I have for this evening is still being edited.  I'll get caught up.)

Any time I have to blog from my phone, I am reminded of the sincere dedication of my good friend, WC.  Phone blogs, as convenient as they are because they can be typed anywhere, are a major inconvenience and a pain in the ass!  But this is what he does, and he does it quite well.

And that's what I'm doing right now because I'm sitting in a restaurant, waiting to assist the beautiful AF with her car.  She's going on a very long road trip, so I want her ride to be as safe and reliable as it can be (we want her back, after all).  This wonderful woman is amazing.  She's patiently listens to my jumbled and disconnected ramblings, and somehow manages to make sense of it. Then, with matter-of-fact directness, she steers me in the right direction -- every time.  It's difficult to find friends that will just be truthful and honest and set you straight, but she's does it.  And she did it again, just this weekend -- painful as it was.

ZJ is another such friend.  When I present her with a problem, she simply makes the solution clear: "Shit or get off the pot, DL!"  But, just like AF, she's kind and caring about it.  ZJ has always had this knack for putting exactly what I need the most right in front of my face, "Hey, DL, the Universe told me to tell you..."  The timing with her is always impeccable, and her advice, always so on point; whether or not I listen to it, and then somehow prove her correct.  She's a true friend and one I cherish dearly.

I didn't get a blog up last night [Friday night] as I was busy assisting another good friend, HW, with a computer issue.  HW is another wonderful friend to have in my life.  She and I were introduced to each other by AF, and she's become another very important person to me.  She, too, is very direct and on point; no beating around the bush -- which I need and appreciate.  I have a lot of respect for someone that has the ability to be honest, yet kind, and still have such a great sense of humor.  She can really get us laughing and she's such a sweet person.  I'm extremely lucky, and thankful, to have her as a friend.

I'm surrounded by wonderful people.

Here's the thing:  In the past, when I was drunk 24/7, I wouldn't have CARED that anyone had issues with their computer, nor what advice the Universe was having them passing on, nor that they were traveling thousands of miles, nor that they were typing blogs on a phone.  They would just have to deal with it.  Period.

But this is what AA has done, and is doing, for me; it continues to teach me how to live, to love, to care, and to be compassionate.  Recovery started with Sobriety, but for me today -- recovery continues through AA.  I am finding friends that I didn't know could even possibly exist.  Friends that listen, friends that need and request my help, friends that care, and friends that I love.  I didn't used to use that "L" word for anyone but my family.  Ever.  But I am learning how.

I wouldn't give up a single one of my friends.  And today, thanks to AA and the wonderful friends I have gained, I am learning things I should have learned at ages 10, 12, 23, 41.  I'm learning to live life, on Life's terms.


My laptop is sitting in my truck.  Except for my time and location, I could go out and grab it; or do this blog later.  But I have a character defect of persistence and over-achievement, where I often continue to push, even when the burro has already died.

But this can also be an asset, because when the going gets tough, the tough keep going; things get done, like blogs on phones.  I think I'll follow WC's example of persistence, blogging regardless of what I'm "forced" to work with.  A phone.

Buck it up, DL, and just do the blog -- WC style.



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