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Sober Gratitude

By: DL

It wasn't even time to get up for work yet, but there went the phone. Being on call is not fun. But, as I stated, I'm sober.

That having been said, I'm tired, so I'm just going to leave you with my gratitude this evening.


Gratitude - Day 18 (Wednesday)

I'm learning to work through my frustrations and confusions. No easy task, as you must know, but I'm doing it. I got pretty spun up this evening over a text I got before a meeting. After fretting about it for nearly four hours, I finally had a phone conversation with the individual.

In short, I had really blown this misunderstanding out of proportion. Thankfully, I had used some of the tools I've learned to calm down and accept that I could be wrong -- or worse, that I could be right. Turns out I was a little bit of both, all for the better.



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