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Simple Excuses

By: DL

Well, another wonderful day. I'm really liking my new morning meditation routine. It just makes my morning go so much better. But then again, I absolutely love meditation. And as long as I don't get complacent, I'll be good.

I missed one of my meetings again tonight. This is the second or third time in a row that I've missed it. It's a good group, so I should have gone, but I keep finding excuses to stay home. Amongst those excuses are things that can wait; i.e., blog website.

It kind of scares me that I have allowed a simple excuse to keep me from going to a meeting that I like so much. That meeting is one of my favorite meetings; I have roughly five of them that are recovery related, plus two that aren't. That's a lot of meetings, so one might think that missing one once in a while is not a big deal. And they would be correct, one isn't. But missing one over something that could have waited, two or three times in a row -- that's something to worry about.

It's easy to slip into complacency. It's also very, very dangerous. I hear people all of the time that have screwed up over that very thing, and when I find myself thinking, "Eh, I'll just skip tonight," I'd better take heed -- the devil's in the excuse.

Gratitude - Day 10 (Tuesday (early Wednesday AM))

I am grateful for self-recognition. I never thought I'd say that, but it's true. For recognizing my gentle slip into complacency, to recognizing when I am going down hill, heading towards that bottomless pit. That I can see what's happening, stand up, and know that I can make that choice; continue down that path, or turn down this one. Less than one year ago, I was not able to do that. I always found myself in the pit before I realized it was there. Now, I see where the paths lead more often than not.

That comes with a lot of hard work. And I have been doing that. I have been working very hard at my recovery. Now -- just to remember the above post. :)



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