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Practice Positivity

By: DL

Today was -- let's just say, "frustrating" (to say the least).

But, I'm not going to focus on the self-made misery. Instead, I'm taking the advice my dear friend has suggested to me so many times before: "Be positive." "Think positive." "Send out the positive vibes."

Besides, today ended -- well, vey positive.

Again, it's Monday. Monday = Native American meeting day (and again, I shall remind everyone that this is one of my three favorite meetings). This evening, we watched and talked about re-imaging our mind's picture of ourselves, and how to do it. I couldn't possibly write it out in this small blog, but I can give a general overview.


Yep. It's that simple. Practice. That means practice what we say to ourselves; positive self talk, thinking, and affirmations. Practice positive actions (things we WANT to happen); sitting and mentally going through the process, one step at a time, over and over, in the morning, on breaks, before bed, and even actually DOING THEM, when it is possible or it is time to do them (think going to a job interview in your mind, and doing that over and over, until it is actually time to do it).

This is why I took up doing the 21 day self-belief meditation challenge. Did i make it 21 days straight? No. But I did make it 21 days, and it has proven to be a huge boost in my day. Do I still have crappy days - hell ya. But not as many, and not as bad. I'm sure there's a cycle in there somewhere, but right now -- I'm hanging onto that "golden nugget."

So my original point:
Once again, my "problem" was all in my head. I need to work on and practice, daily, my self-talk, what my intentions are, and mentally DO THEM. Five minutes, a few times a day. That's really all it takes. Just practice with self care and positivity, rather than self-laothing and negativity.


If I ever figure out how to NOT make that mole hill so large, I'll let everyone know. Meanwhile, after a phone call and some communication, I realized that, yet again, I'd been dwelling on something that wasn't even an issue. At least, not to the other person. Afterwards, I began to communicate with two different friends (one via text and one via FB chat), both very positive in their own ways. That segues into this:


Gratitude - Day 30 (Monday)

I've said it before, but I'm going to say it again:
I simply cannot express how thankful I am for the friends I've met in my sobriety. Each one of them have their very own unique way of helping me out. One day, I hope to somehow give back -- a tall feat I must say, as much as they've all helped me out. Some have more than others ( wink emoticon ), but all have in some way shape or form.

I love my friends. I never thought I'd be able to say that, but I can today. And I do.


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