Well, I'm expecting a family member over any minute to assist him with a sign for his business... not my idea of a great evening, especially since my day got kinda shot to -- pieces.

It was all good, I was in a great mood this morning. A bit later, I'd hoped to go do some things with some friends, but that fell through. For the rest of the day, I drove around, trying to find something to occupy Left Side and Right Side, but the boredom was really wearing them down and the arguing was growing louder.

I managed to pacify them by taking photographs in the park near the river. It was pretty relaxing, too. I got some rather unexpected shots of ducks flying over the ice, and even one walking on it, slipping and sliding as she moved.

I did that until my fingers simply couldn't use the camera any more (a couple of hours), and then I began driving around. I eventually ended up on the other side of town, attending a meeting I'd never been to before. Glad I went, seemed to quell the beast for a bit.

I'm doing my blog earlier than normal and keeping it rather short tonight because I don't know how long my family member will be here, but it could potentially be very early AM, and I don't want to skip my daily post. In light of that, I'll wrap it up now so I can get it closed down before he shows up; no one in my family knows I do this, and only one, trusted friend and my counselor know I do. This anonymity affords me a peace of mind that I don't normally have, and I am learning to open up more with my readers than I am able to in "real life." I'm not fully there just yet, but I am finding it easier to discuss things than when i first started.

When the time is right, I may one day break my anonymity. Until then, I find peace with it as it is.


Gratitude - Day 27 (Friday)

Even though my plans fell through for this evening, the same people are planning on going to a lighting tomorrow evening, and I was invited to that. It's going to be cold, but it should be fun. And if I remember, I'll bring my cameras.

That having been said, I'm grateful for the extended weekend. It would have sucked to start my regularly scheduled work week after listening to Left Side and Right Side argue and fight all day long.
:/ :)