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Early Post

By: DL

I'm starting this post very early tonight. Mostly because I'm not doing a damn thing.

I went to the park today to take some photos for a local sober activities group. I'd forgotten they were doing something today, but when I came across it on Facebook, I decided that was my goal.

I absolutely abhor begin late, so as usual, I got there early. Very early. I sat for nearly an hour before people started showing up -- late. Ugh. Two hours later, the hosts never showed up, and via text, had decided on a very different activity indoors. Nice.

I left and went to a different park, and took a few photos, but eventually just headed back home, as nothing was very interesting to me.

After sitting at home working on blog/website, I just couldn't stand sitting home any longer, so I head out with my old, clunky laptop, and here I sit, in a coffee shop, typing this post.


I'm not sure that this is any better than sitting at home, except that I'm not *there*, I'm here. But now, I'm uncomfortable, because there are people everywhere, and I don't know who's reading over my shoulder. I keep glancing around, and I feel like I look suspicious, as though I'm being sneaky and hiding something... criminy.

So, this post isn't going to get as much care and attention as I usually give it, because I'm blasting through it, nervously. But, I guess at least I'm out and about?

<nervous laugh>


Gratitude - Day 21 (Saturday)

It's been a struggle today, but the day is coming to a close. And as I began to type this gratitude out, I didn't think I had anything new to *really* be grateful for, but then I realized -- it's day twenty-one. That means that my initial goal of creating a new habit by being grateful for three weeks, has been accomplished!

Just earlier today, I was thinking (as I was kicking my own @$$), "You never accomplish anything!" Which is untrue, but for some reason I was feeling that way today, and I have this blog to prove it. I've hit twenty-one days, my three week goal, of listing something I'm grateful for. I will continue to do so for the rest of the month, too. And, if compelled, I may even continue through to the New Year! But let's set short, attainable goals, like the one I am completing this evening, and make progress -- not perfection.

(okay, i'm posting this, and then leaving this joint... yikes ;) )



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