Chairing a Meditation Meeting

Wednesday is my favorite meeting day, because of a meditation meeting for one of my recovery groups. Although I like it because of the meditation itself, I am also surprised at this meeting by the sustenance it provides -- pretty much every time.

I had just left my previous, non-recovery related group, which was a Yoga Nidra practice. On my way to the aforementioned recovery meeting, I received a text from the chair woman, stating that she couldn't make it, and she was wondering if I could run it. I accepted the responsibility.

Keep in mind that I haven't run many of these meetings, and (without giving anything away at all) I haven't been as thorough as I probably should be at reading the big, blue, anonymous book that they use ( ;) ), so I really didn't know what to read about. No, let's clarify that: "... I had NO IDEA WHAT TO READ." That's better.

But, the meeting went very well, it just kind of drove itself. The reading was slightly disconnected from the guided meditation (okay, again, let's rephrase that: "... was COMPLETELY disconnected from..."), but different people got something from either the reading, or the meditation. It just seemed to strangely work, for no apparent reason.

What is it that my friend says?... ah, yes -- she says, "Synchronicity." Yes, that's it.


The interesting part for me was this:
Neither the reading, nor the meditation, is what did it for me. What hit me was the fact that I was in a room with a bunch of people I didn't know, and I was leading a meeting. Period. Me. Of all people; Mr. Unsocial, too-scared-to-open-his-mouth-because-he'll-look-like-a-fool -- ME. But I wasn't hiding in a corner, worried that people would look at me or talk to me.

And I didn't look a fool, either! The meeting ran well. So well, another person said he'd join us again next week! Return customers! C'mon! smile emoticon(Eh-hem. okay, sorry 'bout that... back on track...)

This is what I mean about being surprised at the sustenance that this meeting provides. But it isn't just THAT MEETING. I've been to a number of meetings that do this, just none quite as consistently. I always seem to walk away from this meeting with something to "hold me over" for a while, make it 'till the next day or two.


Gratitude - Day 11 (Wednesday)

Synchronicity, and sustenance. In light of the above post, I don't think I need to explain either one any further tonight.



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