Recovery Inspiration

Desperation of a drowning man


"Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm"

              Abraham Lincoln

I  heard a really great story tonight about a young man that wanted to be successful. He heard about an old man that was wildly successful. The young man had the chance to meet him.

"I want to be as successful as you" he said. The old man replied "how badly do you want it? With all my being! The young man said. The old man looked again and said, "meet me at the beach in the morning" hearing this he replied. I don't want to go swim or run around in the sand, I want to be successful. The old man replied then meet me at the beach at 4 in the morning. The young man wanting to be successful more than anything in the world decided to be there in the morning. As he walked out onto the beach that morning in a suit the old man was standing in the water he said "walk out into the water" the young man looked at him puzzled and said this has nothing to do with success, I have no need to learn how to swim. The old man said "trust me" so the young man decided to trust him. He walked out until his knees were saturated in the water. The old man said "good now come a little further" not sure if he should or not the young man decided to trust him and come a little further. He got down to his neck and then old man said "now put your head under water" begrudgingly the young man put his head under water.  As he did the old man held his head under water (to the point where he couldn't breathe any longer) Flailing around the young man was running out of breath. The old man finally let go and the young man flung out of the water, taking a deep breath. The young man angry at that point said "what are you doing? and what does this have to do with being successful" the old man replied what is the one thing you wanted more than anything in the world when you were under the water? "to breathe" he replied. Hearing exactly what he wanted to hear the old man said "when you want to succeed as badly as you wanted to breathe, you will succeed! You must want to succeed as badly as you want to breathe!  

I really love that story when I heard it tonight. It really hit home. There are so many things I want to succeed at in my life. In the material world I don't have everything I've ever wanted and I'm okay with that. Now when it comes to the world of virtues and spirituality, well let's just say that cups not full either. Daily I strive to become more successful in all of those areas of my life!

Being in recovery is one of the greatest gift I've ever received in my life! The big book of Alcoholics Anonymous talks about having the desperation of a drowning man. Today I have the desperation of a drowning man for my recovery & everyday that goes by I watch new dreams come alive because im sober.

 I have to remember sometimes I will fail and I can't let that become too discouraging. I have to view it as a lesson and chalk it up as experience. Success is not about never failing, it's about having the courage to rise again after we get knocked down! I will leave you with another one of my favorite quotes.

  "Far better to dare mighty things, gain my Triumph; even though checkered by failure. Then to take rank with those poor spirits, who know not victory nor defeat!

             Theodore Roosevelt