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By: DL

It's nearly 4 AM on Saturday. I just got home from a wonderful time with some friends of mine. Firstly, we hit a comedy club. We were the only sober people there, I'm pretty sure.

Then, we went restaurant hopping. Yes, that's what I said, "restaurant hopping."

Just outside of the comedy club, we hit a restaurant to grab a bite to eat, because the tickets doubled as coupons. But after we were seated, we realized it wasn't that great a deal. So off we went to a diner...

Once in the diner, we again got seated. We looked over the menu, and then decided - nope. So we flipped my serenity coin, best 2 out of 3, heads goes back downtown to a nicer restaurant, tails goes to breakfast.

Fancy restaurant wins, except mid-flight, one of the ladies had a mind to contact the restaurant, and they would have been closed by the time we reached them, so instead, we headed to the breakfast joint.

We were there until nearly 3:00!

What a BLAST we had. Four sober people, all enjoying each other's company, and just hanging out. I'd give more details, but then I'd have to write a book. Most of it was hilarious, the rest was just trying to find a place to eat!

Gratitude - Day 6 (Friday (Saturday, early AM))

For my wife's children, who've helped me reach out by letting me know that it is OK for me to want to be happy. They have been great support; forgiving of my wrongs; loving of who I truly am; and wishing only peace and happiness for my life -- just as I do them.

I am grateful that they are in my life.



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