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We are Recovering alcoholics and addicts, and these are mini-chapters of our lives. Here, we are learning to live a life of choice; we're learning to live Drunkless.

We'll share in our writings, in our podcasts, in our photos, art, and music -- our creativity will show who we are, what we're going through, and how we make it -- 24 hours at a time.




The path is wide

By: DL

I always hear people in 12-step meetings talking about trying to stay out of their heads. If you're an alcoholic/addict, you know what I'm talking about - the Left side arguing with the Right side about which one started the problems and which one was the idiot. It's been that kind of day. And each time I think that they've finally come to an agreement, they begin to argue over who was the better of two for ending the argument. It's all senseless babble that the beast inside me entertains itself with.

On Wednesdays, I hit a yoga class before going to a 12-step, meditation meeting. The yoga class isn't the pretzelly kind of yoga, it is a restful, guided, meditative yoga; very mindfully based. This isn't a recovery meeting, at least, not in the sense that an addict is concerned. I would say it is more like a Life Coach type of meeting. There is some brief conversation about things that happened in our past week, as well as a little discussion on what the teacher is going to guide us through. I really like the course, because she makes good points that are directly relatable to my recovery. And after a few minutes of discussion, we all lay down (or sit or stand, whatever is most comfortable), and we're guided through very deep meditation.

And their goes the Left and Right side again!

But that's kind of the point. There is absolutely no way for anyone to get better at anything, unless there is practice involved. So once the arguing begins, whatever emotion the screaming demons brings up, we sit with it. We work through it. We guide it. And we release it. We practice recognizing the "bad" side, and finding the "good" side. What is it that bothers us, and how do we cope with it, and calm it?

Understand, it's not that the Left and Right are always yelling and screaming, often great conversations take place that we want to reinforce. So we guide it and nurture it, making it is easier to bring back up.

By learning the opposite of what we really want (serenity, peace, and hope), we learn to recognize and avoid those things that produce the poisons in our recovery. Practice makes progress, and it's progress, not perfection, that we're trying to achieve.

This is what I am talking about when I say "other recovery groups." Recovery from alcoholism/addiction does not have to be ONLY with groups for addictions. It can be any kind of group, as long as it is about improving one's Life for the betterment of OURSELVES, which will then overflow to others around us. And if it brings about any kind of gratitude at all, then I would say it is a win.

The path is wide. Take it.



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