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A Challenge

By: DL

Good Monday morning! I tried to sit and write last night, but I was just too tired. So in this brief moment before I head to work, I wanted to post something to make up for my lack of energy last night.

This month is Gratitude Month. And as such, I want to post something every day, at least one thing, that I am grateful for. Now, I realize that this should be a daily occurrence; I should always be grateful for the things I have in my life. But sometimes it is easier said than done.

It takes twenty-one days to create a habit. Around three or four months to solidify it, buy only twenty-one days to CREATE it. There are thirty days in November, and more specifically, as of today, there are twenty-four days until Thanksgiving. I'd say there's no excuse for not creating a habit where I state just one thing per day (or more if I can) that I am grateful for.

I can't count the number of times that I've used gratitude to pull my head out of my -- uh, rump. It's a hard thing to do when I'm stuck in a dark hole, kicking myself for stepping into it AGAIN; when all I have to be thankful for is the little pin-light of sunshine coming in. But it is sunshine, it is coming in, and there is a way out. And I've found that just being grateful for the seemingly silliest, and often smallest, things can create solid ladders for reaching the top. It happens every time I try. I didn't say it was EASY, only that it works.

I'd like to challenge anyone reading this to do this with me. For the next twenty-four days (or even through the rest of the month, really), comment and list one piece of gratitude you've got in your life. More if you'd like, but at least one. I will do this. Daily. Even if I post nothing more, I will list at least one thing in my life I am grateful for, starting now:

*My family
*My friends (I'd get specific here, but the anonymity thing; besides I think she knows who she is ;) )
*My meetings/groups

Now, it's your turn, if you're willing to take
The Gratitude Challenge...



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