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By: DL

Today was a very good day.  It wasn’t “tip-top” great, but it also wasn’t “in the pits.”  It was just “good.”

It’s funny, because I used to want better than good, I wanted great!  But I didn’t get great today, I got good.  And guess what?

I’m okay with that!  I am more than okay with that!

You see, I didn’t wake up wanting to be dead.  I didn’t “come-to” sitting in front of my computer while at work, wondering how many people I’d spoken with or what projects I was supposed to be working on.  I didn’t have to hide the scent of vodka on my breath, or oozing from my pores.  I didn’t have to worry about going through the shakes, and craving the perpetually problematic-fix.

Nor did I have to bother with who-I-was-going-to-lie-to-about-some-out-of-proportion-problem-in-order-to-borrow-enough-money-to-buy-just-enough-gas-so-I-could-race-to-the-liquor-store-down-street-hoping-I-wouldn’t-get-pulled-over; forget about the ticket – I had to get to the store before it closed!

I didn’t skip my dinner because I wanted to get drunk faster, and I didn’t think everyone was stealing my liquor because I drank more of it faster than I did the night before.  I didn’t go to bed loathing myself, dream of killing myself, and the following morning – hating myself because I wasn’t dead.

However –

This morning, I do remember contemplating and praying and releasing and meditating.  I remember feeling warm inside, and out.  I remember sharing. I remember giving.  I remember being compassionate and caring and loving and being at ease for a change.  I remember walking the steps. And I remember being okay with an undefined Higher Power for once in my life.  I remember who I was, who I am, and who I strive to be.  I do remember these things – because I can.


Today was a very good day.  I’m okay with that.



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