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Meeting Required

So, I am at my destination. I spent too much time playing with my cameras, getting photos and pictures, so I arrived much later than I had expected - except - Time Zone changes! I was only thirty minutes late!

I need a meeting today - just because I'm out of my element. But all of the 12 step meetings are too far away from where I'm at.

Over a year ago (early, early sobriety - like MAYBE three months), I didn’t want to go to 12 step meetings (too many people, amongst other excuses). So it had occurred to me that there must be a more truly anonymous way to do the meetings - and then I searched online and found an anonymous Chat room.

I used it for quite a while (two months+?). But even they urged (heavily) that I do f2f meetings (face to face). Reluctantly, I did. And admittedly, to my benefit.

So, as I sit here at my hotel, transferring videos and images, I'm trying to find a closer meeting, and getting mildly frustrated. But then I suddenly remembered the old online meetings I used to visit.

So I get connected to the Internet via the hotel, and BOOM! - I'm at a meeting. :)

This is pretty awesome. It isn't exactly the same, but it is better than none. And although I use a mix and match group of meetings, from yoga, to meditative, to classes, to anonymous, to activities groups, I do the meetings. ANY KIND of meeting. Anything to get me out of my head long enough to train myself how to live without alcohol. Somedays, easily done.

When I stopped using the online meeting forum, I thought I wouldn't go back (because, as they said, it truly isn't the same as f2f). But then again, looking back, I also never thought I'd be sitting in a hotel room, ON MY OWN, over three hundred miles from home - and yet, here I am - using the online meeting. Happily.

All I can say right now is: gratitude



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