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Today started out AWESOME.

By: DL

On my way to work, I was simply in a grand mood.

I've got another person that has expressed interest in blogging with me, but he doesn't have a computer readily available, so I spent the remainder of my morning looking into various ways of allowing him to do it.  Missed my usual morning meditation over it, but I was okay with that, I rarely ever miss it, and I had just enough time to arrive at work early.

On the way to work, I tried to do what I've heard called "Mindful Driving" -- yet another form of meditation and release.  It was more difficult than I'd thought it would be because not only was I dealing with a racing mind, I was also dealing with The World; kids waiting at bus stops; bikers riding on a narrow road with no bike lane; cars jumping into traffic so they won't be late and narrowly missing said bicyclist as the bicyclist avoided a crowd of kids waiting for a bus.  oi.

But I was indeed Mindfully Driving.

So aside from noticing everything, things were going well on my miniature journey.  As I crossed under a stoplight, I realized that a vehicle coming from the opposite direction, and attempting to turn left (his left), was stuck in the lane, flashers blinking, and the driver desperately attempting to get the damn thing to start...

Let me step back nearly twelve hours:

Last night, Sponsor, SponseeBro, and myself were all standing outside of the coffee house we'd met at, and I noticed a vehicle at the intersection.  They turned on their hazard lights and got out.  I noticed this and pointed in that direction, to which SponseeBro immediately ran over to help, and I trailed him.

After we assisted, got the vehicle out of the way, and we headed back, SponseeBro said something like, "That's when you know you're working the program, when you see someone needing assistance, and you go do something about it.  In our addiction, we're selfish bastards; but in recovery, we think of others."  Again, that's paraphrased, but thats the gist of what he was saying.

And "no," that wasn't the same vehicle as above -- but what SponseeBro said stuck with me.

... I drove by, afraid of being late for work.  Suddenly, there were no cars anywhere, they'd just disappeared; out of something, they were nothing.  Left Side began to justify and reason, as Right Side started to excuse and acknowledge -- I had to get to work, and it really sucked to be that poor guy, but surely someone would stop and assist him.  Surely they would, and he'd be okay.

"That's when you know you're working the program, when you see someone needing assistance, and you go do something about it."  the Third Voice reminded me of last night's conversation.

I knew that if I helped this person out, I would be late for work.  I glanced at the clock, and then accepted that I would be late by a five or ten minutes.  I hit the breaks, did a u-turn, and headed back.  I pulled up next to the obviously frustrated kid.  At first, I think he thought I was angry with him for blocking the road -- where there were so many NO VEHICLES.  None.  Weird.  After he realized I was asking if he needed help, he looked a bit relieved.

I could see headlights in the distance now coming our direction, so I was in a hurry to do another u-turn so I could park on the side of the road to help him push.  Remember said biker?  Ya -- nearly killed the poor guy as I flipped around.  "I'm so sorry!" I said out my window as he cussed me out, finger signaling how much of a Number One Winner he thought I was.

By the time I got back to Helpless Dude's car, traffic was rolling by, so we waited for it to clear, and then began pushing.  We got the car to the side of the road, and he thanked me, hopped back into his vehicle, and proceeded to make a phone call -- obviously relieved he wasn't stuck in the middle of the road.

I jumped back into my car and headed to work, knowing I was going to be late for sure -- but I didn't care!  I did the right thing, and I knew that.

At this time of day, traffic is always backed up on this street.  But for some reason -- there was next to nobody.  I took a turn through a subdivision to avoid the school zone of 20 MPH and a guaranteed bottle neck of vehicles trying to pull into the school parkinglot.  When I exited the subdivision, I was surprised to hit a green light -- another unusual.

I pulled into my parking spot at work, looked at the clock, and whoa and behold -- I was one minute early.

When the right thing needs to be done -- do the right thing, every time.  The Universe has our back, so let's have everyone else's.



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