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Meditation -- Let's Talk

By: DL

For those of you that have been following me for a while or know who I am, you'll no doubt realize that I am really big on meditation.  Meditation has been a huge part of my recovery.  I often get questions or comments from people about how hard it is, or statements about how they are "doing it wrong," or that they can't get their mind to stop thinking.  But's as hard as it seems, it's not very hard at all -- just sometimes easier than others.

Meditation is rarely ever a completely silent mind.  It is attempting to achieve that silence.  Sometimes, it is easy and quick; sometimes, it is not.  In those difficult cases, when a thought arises, we simply acknowledge the thought, set it aside, and continue to move forward.  This is meditation, grasping those moments of complete emptiness, for however long they are, and being at peace with it; releasing fears, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, and more.  The deal is, it takes practice, and that means doing it, for however much time we can give it.  Five, ten, thirty minutes, an hour.  Just do it

I could write all day long on this, but I came across a video that discusses this very well, so I've included it below.  If you can take an extra ten minutes for your self, watch the video.  Rich Roll does a good job of explaining it.

Simply do -- or don't.