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God -- Higher Power

By: DL

We hear "God" and "Higher Power" everywhere in the rooms. This can be a pretty daunting thing to hear for newcomers, especially when we've had no experience with, or a bad experience with, "God."

This was a huge problem for me.  When I first realized that I had to be faced with "God" again, it was pretty difficult to deal with. God, to me, was pretty angry with me. For anything and everything I'd done, and not done. I didn't want God -- he scared me.

Want my take on God and a Higher Power?

Ever hear people refer to their illustrious leader at their job by the position that they're in? AKA: Boss? Everyone's heard it: "Your Boss said..." or "I'll need to have my Boss..." or even directly to them, "Hey, Boss!"

But Boss isn't their name. It's their position.

This was my first grasp of acceptance.

It took me two years to realize that God wasn't a person or thing, it was a position, just as "Boss" is. God is the place where my Higher Power resides -- in a position called "God."

This is good, because it affords anyone the opportunity to put into place something that they understand, a Higher Power that makes sense to them, which can now be referred to by a name commonly used in The Rooms -- "God." Therefore, when referring to God, I am now referring to the Higher Power residing in that position. This, to me, solved the whole "God" dilemma.

But I still struggled with the whole "Higher Power" thing. Is the Higher Power a Spirit of Attitude? An entity that watches over my every move, who is protecting me in all my affairs? Or is it simply Energy that the Universe freely gives to anyone that wants it? Or a Law of Attraction that draws in like-frequencies? Or -- maybe it is just as the acronym is defined: a Group Of Drunks.

Or maybe, just maybe, a Higher Power is something or someone a bit less "spirity" that simply knows more about [...insert_"it"_here...] than I do. After all, if I go to a doctor for open heart or brain surgery, aren't they the Higher Power? A counselor to help with my mental and emotional issues? Or a lawyer for representation in the courts? Or a mechanic for my vehicle? A plumber, an electrician, a hair stylist? Even a sponsor or mentor in sobriety?! I mean, sure, I can tackle any one of those things on my own -- probably not a good idea, especially the surgery or sobriety ones -- but I could do it; and I could FAIL.

If someone is more knowledgeable and wise in a specific area in my recovering life than I am, I may as well turn to them as my Higher Power for that instance; that moment of need when I have no answers of my own; or when I am incapable of defining a resolution. Hence The Rooms and Support.

Does this mean that a Higher Power isn't the Universe, or the Creator, or Jesus, or the Buddha, or the Energy Source, or whatever ghostly, Spiritual thing it needs to be? No, of course not! It just means that there may be more than one Higher Power at any given time, depending on the job at hand. When it comes to needing assistance with my broken arm, I seek a doctor; when it comes to emotional distress, I seek a counselor or a trusted friend/sponsor/mentor; and when it comes to needing Spiritual knowledge and wisdom on matters of the heart and soul, I simply choose the Spiritual path as needed, which for me is meditation, contemplation, release, and prayer -- though it could be any number of Spiritual connections; going to church, taking a hike, singing, writing, dancing, drawing, swimming, running, taking care of other people (sick or otherwise), taking care of animals (sick or otherwise) -- this list could go on and on.

To my point: If my Higher Power is in the Boss/God role, then my job is simple (I didn't say easy); I should listen to it/her/him, because they've got more experience with the situation at hand than I do.

And if that Higher Power simply isn't working for me -- I'll fire it.

After all, I don't know of any bosses that don't have a Boss of their own:
("Okay, Dear, I'll pickup bread on the way home.")



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