Drunkless isn't just a group of alcoholics/addicts that run a sober group.  Rather, Drunkless is a gathering of sober people that just happen to be alcoholics/addicts, who run said group for those that want to learn, express, share, and create positive, sober connections -- it just so happens that those of us running Drunkless are in recovery from drugs and alcohol.

AKA: We're Drunkless.

The "Drunkless" definition found here...

Our Mission:

To provide a voice through expression and show that there is a power of choice; from allowing those in recovery a chance to express in ways they didn't know they could; to create connectivity through said expression about our experiences; to assist with personal growth by sharing wisdom and knowledge of said experiences; and most of all to provide HOPE to those still suffering and who think they are hopeless and alone.

Primary purpose:

No one should have to assume they are broken beyond repair and ready to be tossed into the trash; there is Hope, and we want to shine that light as brightly as we can.

We plan on shinning that light by:

  • Allowing people to express themselves, make connections, and share their knowledge, wisdom, and experiences.

  • Sending love and compassion, giving strength and hope through said expression and sharing by opening ourselves up and exposing our lives to fellow sufferers, showing them that there are others who go through hardships, whether "trivial" and "small" and "insignificant," or "big" and "hard" and "real" -- we can make it through tough times.

  • Learning to grow and better ourselves -- whether as part of the Drunkless crew, as a guest or participant, or as a reader, listener, or viewer.

We include not only the alcoholic/addict, but also those on the other side of the fence who may not know what it is like to be the alcoholic/addict, yet they have a story to tell.  This can range from family support groups and the like, to doctors and nurses, law enforcement, rescue teams, and of course, family, friends, and co-workers.  If they have been affected by alcoholism, drug addiction, or any kind of addiction or "co" addiction/dependency, one can bet that the fence-line is shared with somebody else -- even if they're on the other side -- who may also feel completely lost and hopeless.

With assistance, we can all bullhorn the message of being not alone, we can all magnify and shine our lights of Hope, and HOPEFULLY, one person who is at the end of the line will recognize a piece of their own story and realize, "That person made it through to tomorrow, maybe I can, too." and set the gun down, or the needle, or bottle... but they don't know what they don't know.

And like the rest of us, they deserve to know that there is HOPE.


Oh ya, one more thing... there's a little bit of fun and entertainment, too! ;)  After all, we're Drunkless, not dead.

our Goal:

Some of us don't talk as well in a crowd.  We stumble, trip, and fall all over our words.  Or, at least, we think we do -- and that's a horrible feeling at best -- but more importantly, it can prevent us from creating necessary connections.  If we don't open up and speak, we can't let others see in, and if they can't see in, we can't see out, and if we can't see out -- we can't see the light shining upon the path that lay right before us, showing us our way out.

At Drunkless, we hope to allow people with that nature the opportunity to talk "from a dark corner" where it is less obtrusive and spot-lightish.  We'd like to give the "ordinary Joe" a chance to tell their story in a way that they would not normally be able to.  This allows an otherwise terrified person the ability to say what they need to say, to share what they need to share, and to give strength and hope to someone who might otherwise never hear the story of the individual.  This is important on two counts: the talker gets to express and open up, and the listener gets an opportunity to glean some hope.  This can help create life-long, life-saving connections that were previously unavailable.  Until now.  It's these very connections that can save a life, perhaps even their own, and they will grow from it.

Drunkless provides that possibility via writing (blogs, poetry, short stories) as well as in podcast form (musically or as a guest -- or both!).  And that brings us to...


Future Plans:

Loosely said: We've got plans.  I can't divulge too much at this time, but I can say there are many ways to express.  So just sit back, hang tight, and wait for it... it will come to fruition when it is supposed to.  Have faith in that statement -- I do.


One more thing...

This brings us to anonymity and censorship.

Anonymity is highly important and respected around here.  If a person wants to be anonymous and remain nameless or use a pen name, that is okay.  If they don't want to remain anonymous, that is entirely up the the person breaking their own anonymity.

We also believe in the freedom of expression.  As well, we believe in stopping hate, judgments, negativity, harassment, intolerance, etc.  Therefore, we ask our authors, guests, visitors, etc. to self-censor.  We will censor under certain circumstances (for obvious reasons), and we reserve the right to make those decisions here at Drunkless.

Please read this to get more insight on our anonymity and censorship stance.