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Recovery Podcast: Step Work Works by Doing - Podcast 25

This week, we have returning guest, Daniel, taking up the spot on the couch.  Join Scott and Matt as they discuss Step Work Works by Doing.

This last week we had a huge, local gathering for a well-known potluck, and we were present to assist with some of the setup. The dinner is a very popular gratitude dinner, and we were busy from morning till nearly midnight (setup and teardown).  What a great thing to be able to assist with.

Because of the service work for the gathering, we were completely unable to stick with our scheduled podcast -- but as we promised, we're still on track!

Knowing that we'd run into this situation, we prepared ahead of time!  Today, we're listening to the second half of an episode recorded with Daniel (from Podcast 20).  That conversation had such great content that we decided to save it for this exact reason, and we're so glad we did!