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Recovery Podcast: Reaching Out - Podcast 16

Podcast 16

Scott and Matt invite Marv to take up the spot on the couch -- no, wait a minute... I think there was something about a test going on... anyway, "Welcome, Marv!"

Reaching Out:
We test out our equipment on a phone call for the first time!  Thanks to Marv, who offered to assist us with this.  And since we had him on the phone, why not get in a podcast, too?

His contact information is below.

On Rep At A Time

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onerepatatime/


Twitter: https://twitter.com/onerepatatime_

NOTE: Do not be confused with the "other" One Rep At A Time.  In Marv's Twitter link, there is an underscore (the underline "_" mark) in it.  This is highly important, as it will take you to the wrong account if you don't have it.  

Website: http://onerepatatime.net/

Email: marv@onerepatatime.net