Learning to Live a life of Choice. Learning to live Drunkless.

We are Recovering alcoholics and addicts, and these are mini-chapters of our lives. Here, we are learning to live a life of choice; we're learning to live Drunkless.

We'll share in our writings, in our podcasts, in our photos, art, and music -- our creativity will show who we are, what we're going through, and how we make it -- 24 hours at a time.




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Recovery Podcast: New Season, Last Thoughts on Fear of Failure - Podcast 53

Scott S. and Scott B. invite repeat guest Brian K. to take up the spot on the couch as they open the new season, Season 2, by discussing the #TopicSeed for May as it nears it's last few days.

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Wandering Podcast: Fear vs Caution - Podcast 27

Scott, Dawayne, and KJ head outback (no, really -- out back... seriously) to discuss Fear vs Caution as they glance up at gigantic squirrels and... (wait... yep, that's what it says here... <sigh> . okay)... gigantic squirrels, turds, and Stars... (hey, I'm just reciting...)

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Special Edition: Recovery Fellowship Matters - Podcast 2

Join Scott once again in Twin Falls for teh final podcast of the convention in Twin Falls, Idaho!  Scott and his Guest-Host, Tyler, invite AJ to take up the spot on the cou--- wait, there is no couch... they're in a hotel room... but they do have a chair!  Yes, a chair!

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Special Edition: Quality of Life and Service - Podcast 1

Join Scott in this Drunkless Life: Special Edition, Podcast 1 in Twin Falls, Idaho, as he and Guest Host Casey hit a convention for the weekend to record the speakers.

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Recovery Podcast: Spiritual Sociality - Podcast 48 (Part 2)

Scott and Lea continue their discussion with their two guests, Scott and Casey, where they talk about how our responsibility for spiritual sociality connects us.

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Wandering Podcast: Letting Go, and, uh... um - Podcast 25

Letting go.  Uh, what's your favorite way to "let go," and, um - let go...

Join Scott as he tries (faily desperately, we might add) to discuss letting go.  Oh, and his microphone...

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Recovery Podcast: Fear and Humility - Podcast 47 (Part 1)

Scott and Lea invite Scott onto the... wait, what?  Scott get's on the couch?... oh, the Guest, not the Host.  Okay, that makes more... sense?

Join Scott and Lea and Scott as they are joined by surprise guest --

Wait, there's another guest? Or is the double Scott a typo?... it's not a typo... okay then!

Join Scott, Lea, Guest Scott, and ANOTHER guest as they discuss FEAR and HUMILITY.

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Recovery Podcast: Change - Podcast 45

As you probably know by now, Matt has stepped down from the Drunkless LIFE: Recovery Podcast to do the things he needs to do.  He will be greatly missed, but as we have always stated before, Drunkless cannot come in the way of our own personal recovery at any level, so we stand 100% behind Matt's decision to do what he needs to do for himself.

However, this means that Scott will have to do the podcast on his own!

Or does it?

This morning's podcast is change, something we all go through in life, but something that those in recovery usually go through in extremes.  But with a slight change in perspec... wait... just listen to the podcast! :)

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Wandering Podcast: Free for all Freebie - Podcast 22

Sitting at Liberty Park in Boise, Idaho, Scott (with Drunkless), Dawayne,  and KJ (Mindshifters IR) begin conversing about ... uh... well... hmm... if it hit their minds, they talked about it.  I mean, really.  They did.

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Wandering Podcast: Recovery Trail-Mix - Podcast 21

KJ and Dawayne (with Mindshifters IR) and Scott (Drunkless) discuss Recovery Trail-Mix and the ingredients it takes to make it.

Recovery Trail-Mix

It takes what it takes
Progress, not perfection
Let go, and stop carrying the world
Gratitude (without crutches)
Meetings and podcasts
Passion and enthusiasm

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