Our Crew

Drunkless is comprised of people in recovery.  Each one of us has a specific piece of a story to tell.  Sorted by date, newest-to-oldest, you'll find the various members of the Drunkless Crew.  These wonderful people all volunteer their free time and skills.  Their hope, just like mine, is to spread the word, provide some experience, knowledge, and wisdom, and to provide hope and encouragement in our daily walks with this damn disease called Addiction/Alcoholism.

Enjoy your visit.  We all here hope that you find something that can either help you, or help someone you know.  Have something to contribute? Need to get something off of your chest? A funny story, or a hard hitting one?  Let us know.  We're here to help you express, and in your expression -- possibly gift someone some hope, and possibly even save a life. 

Inactive Members