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It was always a hope for Drunkless to have a blogger that understood the physical, health side of recovery.  Until recently, I had no takers for this position. Enter, Marv.  Marv contacted Drunkless one day via a Feature Friday blog spot, which quickly turned into a guest spot on our Recovery Podcast series.  We've known Marv for a while now, and we're glad to support his cause for physical health right along with mental and spiritual health!

"Long before I ever picked up a drink or a drug I had the alcoholic/addict way of thinking. When I finally found drugs and alcohol I knew I was going to be in trouble. Well, I may not have phrased it that way in my head... instead it was more of, “This.....solves.......eeeeeeeverything!”

Thus began nearly a decade of self-inflicted abuse leading to my total and utter incomprehensible de-moralization. I bounced in and out of the rooms of recovery for several years trying to find the one theory that would work for me so I could drink and use “like a gentleman.” Finally on June 22, 2013 I found my GOD – the Gift Of Desperation - even though I didn’t realize it at the time, THAT was the day I admitted that I was a hope-to-die drug addict alcoholic who was going to end up either in jail, institutionalized, or dead if I didn’t do something drastic. Today I am involved with various 12 step programs which is my way of recovering – just because this works for me doesn’t mean it has to be your story.

Part of my disease involved body image issues as a result of lacking anything resembling self-esteem and self-worth; which, with being a workout junkie and a Kinesiology degree holder, made for a very complicated relationship with fitness and health. Today I have been able to restore the balance of having my personal fitness become a part of my recovery process – it is now a form of mediation and empowerment instead of something that controls and shames me.
I am the founder of ONE REP AT A TIME – “Fitness Through a Recovery Mindset” blog and do private training in my workout studio with individuals in recovery. My mission is to bring credible and unbiased information to the murky waters of all-things fitness; but more importantly, show how crucial taking care of our physical health is as a key component of a well-rounded recovery process.

I am honored and blessed to become part of the Drunkless crew!

I hope everyone reading this site achieves their goals in these new sober lives we have – one day at a time, one set at a time, ONE REP AT A TIME."

Marv, Drunkless is equally honored and blessed to have you join us!  As we continue to work together and bring awareness to all the facets of addiction, health, and life, we discover/rediscover new connections, freedoms, and a life worth living.

Together, we learn to live a life of choice; together, we can learn to live Drunkless!

More about what Marv is about can be found at these other online locations!  Go check him out!

Web: onerepatatime.net

Facebook: facebook.com/onerepatatime

Twitter: twitter.com/OneRepataTime_

Instagram: instagram.com/onerepatatime_