Matt Anonymous, Crew Member

Matt Anonymous

Matt Anonymous (you don't recognize the mask, right?)

Drunkless LIFE Podcast: Recovery Podcast

"Matt" (as we call him on the podcasts) joined the Drunkless Podcast team about mid 2016.  Due to his anonymity, we will not divulge too much about him, as his anonymity is his to break.  What we can say is that he's a great guy with a good sense of humor and a great show voice!  He's got a good radio presence and keeps the audience engaged.

To boot, he's got good insight, experience, and suggestions about living in recovery and he's very dedicated to the show.  He's always willing to stop by and record the podcasts and he does it freely.  To date, he's only missed a couple of recordings due to issues beyond his control -- but he's always let me know.  A responsible alcoholic/addict?  I know -- but that's what he is!

By the way, "responsible alcoholic/addict" doesn't mean "ability to properly use or drink."  We just wanted to clarify that and throw it in there...

Matt is a very welcomed member of our Drunkless Crew, and we're happy we've been able to work with him.