Dawayne Perza, Crew Member

Dawayne Perza

Dawayne Perza - Founder Mindshift

Podcast Co-host

Drunkless LIFE Podcasts: Wandering Podcast

Dawayne came about with Drunkless as a third member, but stepped away at the time to work on some things of his own.  

He has since begun to collaborate with Drunkless to help with the podcast Drunkless LIFE: Wandering Podcast, where we travel from place to place and discuss various topics. He's been a good friend and a huge supporter of Drunkless and our purpose.  We're happy to have him along!

"After years and years of active addiction and endless nights of going to sleep hoping to not wake up the next morning, a felony drug charge, and my first sincere and genuine "Come to God" moments that I could remember since my teenage years, prior to addiction and alcoholism, saved my life.

I never realized before that I had a spiritual problem that needed a spiritual solution. I was always looking for something external to heal something internal.

Today I don't have to live that way.
Today I have a solution that works if I work it."