Brian Kenney, Crew Member

Brian Kenney

Brian Kenney


Podcast: Pinch of Salt

Brian is a welcomed member of the Drunkless LIFE Podcasting crew.  I met Brian through a sober activities group at a football game party.  I was huddled on the couch, being as miserable as a newcomer makes themselves, and Brian introduced himself and then gave me my space.  From that day forward, every single time he saw me, whether at a meeting or else where, he made sure to come up to me and ask me how I was doing.  I'm honored to know a man that reaches out to help, but one who isn't "in your face" about it.  That would be Brian.

Here on Drunkless LIFE, he offers little dashes wisdom. Based on his personal experiences, Brian shares bits and pieces of his recovery, offering sage advice and wisdom from the mile markers he's passed on his recovery path.

With 10+ years of recovery, he's a seasoned warrior who offers us just a Pinch of Salt.

"Fear grew in me from a young age; who would like me, how would I get them to like me better. Those simple fears have extended through my entire life. Booze and drugs were a great way to turn off my mind's constant search for a way to overcome these fears -- which it never accomplished. The last 10 years of my life have been sober in recovery, and I am still trying to find the best way I can to turn those fears over to something bigger than me."