Abbie Wirick, Crew Member

Abbie Wirick (aka: abbiegrrl)

Abbie Wirick


Blog: Saturday Morning Post (AKA: SMP)

Abbie was introduced to us by our friend Tami, where they met via Twitter.  Abbie has written a few guest blogs for Drunkless, starting with Leopards Never Change their Spots on June 10, 2016.  Her down to earth, personally-open writing style and genuine discussions make her very relatable to others.

Her passion for living in recovery and willingness to share parts of her current life is exactly what Drunkless is all about, and we're honored to have long term recovery warrior on our crew.

She lives and works with us from clear across the continent, and she's been a grand addition to our team.  She posts every Saturday Morning (as time and recovery permits) and shares a little bit of her life to provide connectivity (we're not alone in our pains) and hope that others, too, can have a life worth living -- in good times and bad.

A bit more about Abbie:

"After so many years living as a reckless and irresponsible party girl, I eventually woke up to begin the difficult work of sobriety.As woman in longterm recovery from addiction and mental illness, I am delighted to be able to help people (even just one) whose lives are touched by alcoholism, addiction, or mental illness; I am not a professional, yet as such, I have ample life experience. I share my experiences of over 23 years in continuous addiction recovery in my blogs and I have my eye on writing a book when I grow up."

You can find Abbiegrrl on Saturdays here at Drunkless

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At her home address: https:/