The Other Side of the Fence

Addiction is a "Family Disease," meaning that it doesn't affect only the alcoholic/addict -- if affects everyone surrounding them.

The Other Side of the Fence is a term used here at Drunkless to refer to "normies" (non-alcoholics/addicts) and their role or place in the mess of addiction.  While alcoholics/addicts are on one side, where we understand each other's disease to some extent, normies are on the other side.  This can include, though it is not exclusive to, "Al-Anons"/co-dependent, law enforcement, doctors, lawyers/judges, counselors, school teachers, family, friends, jobs, etc.  The Other Side is everyone that is NOT alcoholic/addict, but has had to deal with the alcoholic/addict either directly, indirectly, or work through the aftermath.

That is a very important distinction to make, and believe us -- they are affected by this disease, too, sometimes in some pretty horrific ways.


We want to make one more clarification here:

Sometimes (very often, in fact) an alcoholic/addict has come from the other side.  That is to say that they were once the Normie that was affected by the disease, somehow touched by the events and everything alcoholics/addicts do, and somewhere along the line, they themselves jumped the fence.  Understand that most of the time they hop over without realizing it... it's a fine line between a Normie and an Addict, often invisible fences.

To further clarify, not all alcoholics/addicts were co-dependent or had lives that put them in that position.  Some of us never saw what alcoholism/addiction was like, and like most other addicts, that fence-line was crossed without intention -- it just happened.  Each individual has a uniquely-identical story to tell, which is why Drunkless is so important.  We want our hosts, authors, artists, and creativist to express their point of view.  With these connections, we can all go through life just a little less lonely, a little more hopeful, and just that much more serene.  After all, that is what we're about -- finding peace and tranquility through expression, connection, and hope.

A very important note:
Addiction is addiction. At Drunkless, we use the term Addiction a lot, because addiction = alcoholism = gambling addiction = sex addiction = food addiction = any other type of addiction that one can think of.  This is a highly important concept to understand.  The "drug of choice" isn't what matters, what matters is the issues that are deep inside of us that needs to be dealt with.

Therefore, Drunkless is about ALL ADDICTIONS... food, sex, gambling, drugs (legal and illicit), alcohol, etc. -- we just happen to be a bunch of alcoholic/addicts that are running it! :) Oh, and we're all working a true program of recovery.  Somedays better than others, but we're honestly working it. :)

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