Challenge, Press Release

Who gets the INK?!

There is only about two weeks left before the Think-Ink polls end on Monday, October 31, 2016!

Help Scott and Matt decide who gets the honor to wear the Drunkless Life podcast logo!  By answering the seven questions (for each of them), we'll learn how much our audience knows about our Recovery Podcast hosts!  The host with the highest score "wins!"

Don't know the hosts?  Don't be afraid of getting the answers right or wrong! Take a swing at the questions and answer away.  The hosts have agreed to this challenge and they know the outcome is: someone will get the tattoo!  We'll even posts pics afterwards!

This challenge is meant to bring awareness to the disease of alcoholism and addiction, to demonstrate that we can have fun in sobriety, and to get our listeners involved with the hosts and get to know them better.  When the challenge is over, we'll go over the answers on the following podcast as well as post them online so you can see how well you scored!

So give us a helping hand, take the quiz, and share this challenge with family and friends that are in recovery or who have been effect by those in recovery! We really need your answers (correct or incorrect).  We'll even hold ourselves accountable with the grades (found here) so that the public knows who's ahead!

For your convenience, the questionnaires are below.  Enjoy! 

Both polls and questions below: