Press Release

Sharing more HOPE!

Drunkless is about expressing, sharing our experience, strength, and Hope.  We are also all about helping others share and spread their wisdom and knowledge so that others have an opportunity to relate, and maybe make it just one more day.

Today, we've been included in a great site that is doing just exactly that -- sharing and expressing and providing HOPE.

We've been honored to be included in The Sobriety Collective's "Link Love" on their website!  Such great news to us! This is a big deal, because all we want to do is help in any way we can, and spreading Hope is what we're all about!


We also want to thank MindShift+DailyHabits=Progress for everything they've been doing to help keep us included in everything (and their assistance with guest co-hosting on our podcasts when co-host Matt is working his magic elsewhere!).

Most importantly, we want to thank our readers, listeners, participants (guest bloggers/podcasters), and crew.  Without all of you, we'd really have nothing.