Press Release

#LOVE Beginning February 1st, 2017 with Tami Harper Winn

“LOVE” is an action word. How fitting that February is the month of Love. Do you find it hard to express love to others? Do you find it even harder to express Love towards yourself? If you find the answer to either of these questions to be “yes” then you are definitely are not alone. Whether you are with someone in a committed relationship, or wanting to be, it still may be hard to express Love to another. Starting February 1st you can join Tami Harper Winn and find a way each day to do an act of #LOVE for someone you love, a friend, stranger, coworker, neighbor, or better yet...yourself. Just let us know what that act was that you accomplished so we can follow and support you as well by using the #love and posting it on your social media and in the group - My Coloring Book Called “LIFE” where we have developed a community to share the journey together. and Tami Harper Winn wish you much light and love this coming month.