Challenge, Press Release

Lots of changes TODAY!

There are a number of changes happening at Drunkless today (in case you hadn't already noticed!), so let's dive in.


We launched a program between our Drunkless LIFE Recovery Podcast hosts, and they NEED YOUR HELP!  Think Ink - You Decide is a "contest" that we've put together for our readers and listeners to decide who gets a tattoo!  There is a questionnaire that we need our audience to take a peek at to help determine the "winner!"

It's simple, head over to >here<, answer a few questions, and at the end of the month, we'll tally the score and see which host has the most questions answered correctly about themselves.  The highest score will get a tattoo of our Drunkless Logo.  I know, sweeeeeeeeeeet, right?

WHY are we doing this? I don't really know, honestly.  But it seems like it will be fun, Matt wants a tattoo, I'm afraid of needles, and it just seemed like the next, best indicated thing to do... or, maybe not, but let's spread the word and GO ANSWER QUESTIONS!!!


In case you hadn't noticed, we've updated our website!  The contents are pretty much the same, but the underlying site structure will make it easier to adapt in the future.  Meanwhile, take a peak around, and if you notice any broken links, misspellings, etc., PLEASE -- let us know at and tell us which page it is on.  I had people willing to help, but I had to back out of those appointments at the time due to Life things.

ANY INPUT on the site would be GREATLY appreciated!  Just remember, I'm the only one that works on it, so it may take time to implement ideas if we decide we want to use them.


I tried to get our second podcast series, "Pinch of Salt," hosted by Brian, posted today, but I have been unable to find time to complete it.  That being said, we are still moving forward, and I'm hoping that by next Saturday we'll have his first podcast up.

Want to know more about "Pinch of Salt?"  Stay tuned as we build the base for Brian's honest, dashes of wisdom which are based on his personal experiences, bits and pieces of his recovery, and sage advice from the mile markers he's passed on his recovery path.  Coming soon...

Share away, folks! Let people know about the contest, the website changes, and Brian's upcoming podcast!