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Happy Friday Eve!

Our work week is typically five days long.  With each day, we all have certain feelings about it, often times negative ones.

At Drunkless, we've come to recognize "moods" for our days, so we try to keep them positive feelings (sometimes much harder than other times).  We'd like to share our list of

Work Week Daily Moods:

MONDAY: It's the beginning of a new week! We get to start off fresh and new and begin implementing changes in our lives!

FRIDAY: YES! Our week is complete! Time to run out and play with Family and Friends!

WEDNESDAY: Hump Day! Our week is half over.  Whew! There is an end in sight!

TUESDAY: Hey -- It's NOT MONDAY! And, we've still got time to complete our tasks! How much better can it get than that?

Lastly, there is one day that we all seem to just ignore... poor ol' THURSDAY.  We've had quite the week up to this point, and we just want to get through it, but Friday isn't quite here just yet.  What to do, what to do... How are we going to get through this ONE DAY???

Don't panic! We've got that one covered for you, too.

Happy Friday Eve, everyone!  Enjoy your day knowing that Friday is simply -- tomorrow.  Just one more day.

"Keep the plug in the jug, just for today."




Happy Friday Eve! 

Happy Friday Eve!