Press Release, Challenge

"#Drunkless Since..." campaign!

"Sharing our stories for that one person who might otherwise not Choose to Live."


Drunkless - sober; not drunk or under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or otherwise.

Drunkless is about being not drunk or using; remaining clean from our addiction.  It is also about sharing what is on our hearts and expressing ourselves; opening up.  It is about shining our newfound light for those that are in the dark-pain, so they don't feel so lost and alone.

Because we believe in reaching out and providing an awareness about our manageable disease, we're launching a campaign to give all of those in sobriety a chance to show the world that it is possible to get sober, live sober, and to recover -- all while enjoying Life!

The Challenge:

Take a selfie with the hashtag "#DrunklessSince [your sobriety date]" in it somewhere, and send it in to us at  The picture can be you holding a sign with the message, or a drawing in the sand, or a painting -- whatever, get creative!  Along with that, if you want to tell us a little about who you are and what you're doing that is allowing you to stay sober and live Drunkless, feel free to send in two or three reasonable paragraphs about how you're doing it!

Share your story (aka: experience, strength, and hope), you can't keep it unless you give it away.  When others can see that we're having a good time in sobriety, it seems a little less daunting, and can be a glimmer of HOPE to the one person who is still suffering a seemingly hopeless way of life.

We'll post your photo on our Instagram account where we can show the world that there is a positive side to getting sober and living in recovery!

Let's get creative -- and do this thing!

NOTE: Challenge end date not yet determined.  Pictures without the hashtag "#DrunklessSince" and a sobriety date will not be posted -- but thanks for sharing them!

Some Drunkless People:

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