Press Release

New Bloggers and a Podcaster or two!!!

Now that things have settled down just a bit, I'd like to introduce a few of our new bloggers and podcasters!  I had intended to do this as they came on board, but we were so slammed I simply couldn't find the time!  My apologies to the authors and hosts as well as to our awesome audience!

Drunkless now has six consistent, steady writers, leaving Friday for our Feature Friday guest bloggers!  Our newest authors fill in the open slots on Sunday, Monday, and Saturday!

We also have two new podcasts, which gives us a total of three.  The two new spots fill in the Wednesday and Saturday slots.  We have more plans once we get things ironed out, but we're in no rush.

To view ALL of the bloggers/podcasters that Drunkless has volunteering their precious time and skills, visit Our Crew by navigating to the site menu and clicking A Bit About Us > Our Crew.

It's the people like the entire crew here at Drunkless that makes Drunkless what it is.  We would be nothing without them and their hard work and voluntary time and efforts to spread HOPE; because they've been there, they know what it is like, and they understand the helplessness any addict/alcoholic has when they've reached their limits.

To recap our home page:

When all our choices have seemingly dried up — there is still one.
Many of us pushed it to the end of the line, where our very existence should no longer be a reality — even so, we've survived.  For those of us, there appears to be no reason we exist — yet here we are, because of a single choice; we decided to not die.  Our thinking has changed, our self-value has been altered, and our decisions have been put into action; we've learned to focus positively on our life, to be alive and to LIVE.
This is by no means a perfect road, the ups and downs can seem unbearable.  But this is how we do it, as imperfect as it is.  It is in this imperfection that we are


Now, as for the newest members, continue reading!  Divided by blogger vs podcaster, and in the order of who started with Drunkless first, we have...


Abbiegrrl - August 13

Abbie writes our Saturday Morning Post blogs.  These blogs are great ways to start off your Saturday morning and catch a glimpse in the life of a serious recovery warrior who talks straight-up about her life and her struggles and victories in a relatable, down to earth way.

Thank you, Abbie, for freely giving us the time out of your busy life. You're touching lives in a very real way and creating connections that can be lifesaving simply by the demonstrating that there are others that also suffer, and that it is possible to make it long term.

Find more on Abbie by clicking >HERE<.

Her Drunkless posts can be found >HERE<.

Rose Lockinger - October 23

Rose writes for our Recovery Inspiration slot on Sundays. She's very passionate about getting the knowledge of recovery out to the communities around the globe so they can feel a connection and an understanding in a way that they may otherwise feel left alone.  She works very hard at doing this and her compassion and care shines through.

Rose, we're glad to have you on board with Drunkless, sharing your heart and story so that others feel hope.  With the knowledge that we're not alone, we can use another's light to help us see a path which can lead us to our own Light of Hope.

Find more on Rose by clicking >HERE<.

Her Drunkless posts can be found >HERE<.

O.R. Marv - November 7 (Newest crew member!)

O.R. Marv is just now joining us!  His first blog is this Monday, November 7!  Marv contacted Drunkless to do a guest blog and he clicked with us right away.  He perfectly fills a niche that we've been looking to fill, and he just kind of fell into our hands!  Marv's experience with physical well being as well as being in recovery himself, makes him the right guy for our guide on physical health in sobriety.  We've already published some of his work back in September 9, 2016, and he's even been a guest on our Drunkless LIFE: Recovery Podcast series.

Marv, we're super excited to have you join the Drunkless team!  Welcome aboard!  We can't wait to help each other reach out to the suffering alcoholics and addicts out there who think there is no where else to go or that they'll always have a low self-esteem or self-worth.

[1] Monday - Lift Your Spirit (O.R. Marv).480.jpg

Find more on Marv by clicking >HERE<.

His first, official post as a Drunkless crew member will come out on Monday, November 7, 2016 (6:30 AM MT) and can be found >HERE< (after it is posted).


Brian Kenney - October 15

I approached Brian after knowing him for over a year and listening to him talk.  He's got quite the extensive experience in recovery and he discusses topics in a way that not only make sense, but that are spot on.  I asked him to do a short, "hanging out with your thoughts" kind of podcast, and he agreed.  After tossing around some ideas, he came on board to do the popular, short podcast, Pinch of Salt, where he uses the only recording device he has, his phone, and texts them in to us.  People are loving the short, thought provoking, relatable content.

Brian, you're touching lives in ways you haven't before, and we're deeply appreciative of your time and concern with this. People are gleaning a better understanding of themselves through your personal experiences and knowledge.  We're happy you've come along for the ride and we appreciate your time and effort!

Find more on Brian by clicking >HERE<.

His Drunkless LIFE podcast can be found >HERE<.


Dawayne Perza -
This one is a little bit different...

Dawayne and I have known each other for a while now, and when he first started working on sharing his story and thoughts, he actually began to collaborate with Drunkless on a blogging level.  However, things being what they were at the time, that didn't pan out like we'd hoped, but that was a good thing.  He and some other friends had just started working on a social group called Mindshift, and they quickly grew in popularity.  As our audience knows by now, Drunkless is HUGE on spreading the word and passing out as much hope as possible, and Mindshift was doing just that -- through positivity and outreach.

Again (quite a bit later), Dawayne and I found ourselves discussing some collaboration ideas, only this time, we were both more prepared. As it was, Dawayne had already been a guest on the Drunkless LIFE: Recovery Podcast, as well as acting as a host for a few.  The path had been cleared, and we began exploring this new concept... we would go on the road.

This created a collaboration between Drunkless and Mindshift, and together, we have created a new podcast called Drunkless LIFE: Wandering Podcast in collaboration with Mindshifter87.

Dawayne, thank you for your positivity and your genuinity (<-- I think I just made up a word here, folks). We just keep doing this thing, day by day, and we keep pressing forward -- even when we hit rough patches -- and things just keep happening.  I'm glad I'm sharing this road with you, sir.

Find more on Dawayne by clicking >HERE<.

The Drunkless LIFE podcast he co-hosts can be found >HERE<.