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A Message From Our Admin

We wanted to let all of our readers know that we have a Facebook account AND a page for Drunkless.  The admin account, DrunklessLife, is technically used for administering the Drunkless page.  However, a lot of us are friend requesting the account.  We were ignoring requests at first in an attempt to direct everyone towards liking our page, but that just seemed rude and didn't feel right, so we began accepting requests.

Our concern was that visitors won't see the Drunkless Facebook page, which can be located here: Drunkless (  This is the page we really want everyone to like and follow to keep up with the articles, podcasts, and the upcomings of Drunkless and our TOTALLY AWESOME visitors and crew, as well as hints at new challenges and additional Drunkless sections (they're a comin'!). Please head over to the Drunkless FB page and Like and Share from there, or visit our Website ( for even more information! (We're also updating the website! It's coming along quite nicely, too -- you may have noticed a few changes already!)

We want to thank all of you who've been following us! Drunkless is not only about allowing people to grow and express themselves, it is also about sharing their experience, strength, and most importantly of all - their HOPE!  If we're sober, we have something to offer.

We are honored to have the privilege of serving those that need a way to open up and talk, to let "others see in, so we can see out," and for those who want to pass on the Flame of Hope.

"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the single candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared."

-- the Buddha

Besides, love and kindness are free -- let's share it! :)

Scott Shepherd

Learning to live a life of choice, learning to live #‎Drunkless‬.
#‎Drunkless24‬ = ‪#‎DrunklessLife‬ if we make the choices to be so.