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Tami Harper Winn achieves another post!

Tami Harper Winn achieves another post!

Our very own Tami Harper Winn has been published (again!) on Sober Grid App!

Tami's wonderful piece, Relapse is Not a Part of Recovery, is release on Sober Grid App as a two-parter!  This is very exciting, as Tami's writings continue to be recognized, envied, and sought after!  YAY, TAMI!

If you'd like to check out part one, take a peak here:
Sober Grid App | Relapse is Not a Part of Recovery Part 1

Kudos to our friends, Sober Grid App, what a great asset to our community.  Let Sober Grid know that you found out about them through, and give them some positive feedback! 

Congrats, Tami! We're so proud of you!  You're bringing light into our world by sharing your experience, strength, and most importantly, hope.

The Drunkless Team