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Drunkless News: A tragedy

6:54 AM - Friday, June 10, 2016

As you know, here on Drunkless our goal is to be encouraging and to provide hope to those that are suffering; hope is what gets us through our tough times, it is the beacon that shows us direction.

As those of you who know me or who have been following my blogs and recent podcasts know, Drunkless came about as a way for me to learn how to express myself; to open up and "let others see in, so I can see out." 

Here's a small gap in an opening door:

Last night I received a communication about the oldest boy (who I'll refer to as PJ).  He's in life threatening, critical condition, and remains so as of this morning.  Due to my heavy belief in anonymity, I won't reveal much detail on what is happening with him at this time, as that is his story, but know that he's not in good condition as we sit idly by in wait-mode. 

Everyone knows how horrible wait-mode is; it is pure torture, our minds bring about every scenario of how it is going to end, which is usually with great tragedy and despair, at least, in this alcoholic's head it certainly does.

However, it is here, in this darkness-of-self, where I can actually see the Light of Hope; after all, we must have the dark to appreciate the light.

What am I trying to say? Okay, what am I trying to say...

The People.  The Support.  The Rooms, the friends I have gained.  I am shocked at the amount of online-supporters, most of whom I don't even personally know, that are reaching out and praying to their Higher Power and/or sending thoughts, energy, Love and support PJ's way.  I didn't know that this kind of thing was possible, but I can assure you that when PJ comes back around, he will appreciate them as well.  And I know that his siblings and other family members do, too.

With a worried, yet grateful heart,

Thank you.


Scott Shepherd


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