Drunkless LIVE! podcast Debut, a B-Day, and a what?!

We're excited to announce that we've completed the first podcast recording!

(UPDATE: Due to scheduling, the debut has been changed from Friday, May 20th to Monday, May 23.)

It's in the editing room for the intro and outro, and we're looking at a release date of this coming Monday, May 23!

Tami Harper Winn and Drunkless Life host Drunkless LIVE!, our very own podcast production!  Our goal is a weekly podcast roughly ten to fifteen minutes long, as time permits.  This a work in progress, so be patient as we iron out schedules, topics, techniques, and all the other things we completely didn't realize needed to be involved!  We're learnin', we're growing, we're CHANGING!

Join us on Monday and listen to our "Coming Out/Birth[day] Podcast," and find out who's coming out of what!