Rock Bottom in a bottomless pit

Rock bottom.  They say you should never forget that horrifying, hellacious place, because it could save your life. But what about those that haven't quite hit bottom; those that don't have the option of forgetting, because it hasn't happened yet; or those that know they have a problem and are seeking to get out, but don't know how?  Where, who, do they turn to?

Finding help can be a daunting task, a helpless task, and a frightfully hopeless, and dreadfully lonely, task.  I know, because for me, I thought it was simply time to die.  The extent that I went through to end my hopeless, terrified, and lonely existence -- my rock bottom -- is also what saved my life, because I chose to not die.  It didn't matter that I thought I was a lost cause, broken and unfixable.  It only mattered that I chose to live.  It was a quiet, subtle decision, the faintest of sparks, but it was there, and I was found.  I am healing, and so can you.

There is hope, of that I can assure you.  But it starts with one, simple choice that must be made; the choice to not die.  We are survivors.  It doesn't matter how, only that we do.  The best part is, there are other survivors just waiting to help us get up, brush off, and walk the wide path of recovery.

We cannot possibly know every kind of help that is out there, but I hope this will get you started.  If you know of some help that is not listed below, please contact me via the [Submission/Change Request] form so I can update this page.  It could help save someones life -- and if they got this far, they're making a pretty damn good choice.

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