Crew Member Stance

Our Stance on being a Drunkless Crew Member

Drunkless is proud to host wide variety people in various stages in recovery, whether from chemical addictions (alcohol, drugs) other forms (gambling, food, etc.) or those that come from "the Other Side of the Fence."  We also try to do this in various media formats (writing, blogs, audiobooks, videos, photography, creative/artistic mediums), which helps creates a huge availability for connection at one level or another, from various recovery groups, ethnic groups, religious/atheist groups, etc.  As long as they are promoting a healthy, compassionate, and loving life style.

All that being said, Drunkless has a VERY STRONG STANCE on the following things, and each Crew Member is duly noted (and reminded) of these things:

1.     First and foremost, Drunkless must not be allowed to stand in the way of a crew member's own recovery.  Period.

·      If it is too much to handle, take a break.  All we ask is that we get notified. 

·      We get it!  We truly do! If it is going to be a long break, let us know so we can find fillers or a replacement.

2.     If we miss a post, whether blog, podcast, or other media format – IT’S OKAY.  Just let me know so I can attempt to put a filler blog/podcast/other media out to let others you're okay.  I will do it if I can.  If i can't, it's because I'm probably observing rule #1. :)

3.     We’re about:

a.     Self-growth.  Learning about how to better ourselves in ways we didn’t know was possible, expanding, and strengthening our own recovery.  With self-growth, we can become stronger and more useful, which leads to:

b.     Connectivity.  When we can connect with our stories and experiences, we open doors that could have otherwise remained shut.  This connection allows us to be vulnerable in ways that others can recognize and not feel so damn alone, helpless, and hopeless.  And that can:

c.     Spread Hope for a better life. By sharing our life troubles and victories, we not only create said connections, but we also shine the Light of Hope for someone who is suffering and still sitting in the deep, dark corners.  It is through us, our healthy-selves, our willing-selves, that others can see that Life is possible in recovery.  It doesn't have to be miserable, lonely, and full of fear.

We may be the only example that they've ever had. Let's do it willingly, loving, compassionately, positively, and peacefully.  Hard hitting is okay, but we're here to promote HOPE.

On a personal note:

These are the very things I have gained through starting Drunkless, which was originally intended to just learn how to open up and TALK, something I knew very little about because I’d been shut down all my life.

After putting my recovery first, letting go of my fears (which is still a work in progress), and being okay with bettering myself, I was able to begin letting others see in, so I could see out -- creating connections with others and opening up more, and then I was able to spread the Light of Hope.  It may not shine very far on its own, but together, we can brighten up that black sky for those that huddled in the same, damn dark corner I used to hide in; afraid to breath, praying for death, and finding no peace.  But that's not the case today.  Today I can live, and I know I'll be okay, even in the moments I find myself writhing in the dark holes.  There is an out. I just have to make a choice, and I choose to learn how to live Life, one day at a time, one tree at a time, one step at a time, and one breath at a time.

Take care of yourself first.  Without your strong roots, you too will wither and die; you will feed no one the fruits that you carry.  But with proper care, we'll weather the storms together, and feed those that need nourishment when they come along seeking help.



Scott Shepherd