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 Anonymity & Censorship


Anonymity and Censorship

But first:

You're welcome to share, comment, and respond to others that join in — respectfully, of course.  Please show tolerance, open-mindedness, and acceptance for all participants, whether author/podcaster, guest, or reader/listener. We can agree to disagree and still learn from another person's perspective and personal opinions. Verbal abuse of any kind will simply not be tolerated.

Drunkless is intended to be a positive and safe place for people to come and express themselves, sharing their experience and giving strength and hope to those that are hurt, lost, and confused.  Please remember that and be respectful.

Feel free to join us!  Together, we can help each other come to an understanding of our own; help each of us make more informed decisions, more intelligent resolutions, and stronger self-commitments.

Together we can learn to live a Life of Choice.  Together, we can learn to live Drunkless.

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