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Tami Harper Winn


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I met Tami through another friend of mine, and she's become a big part of Drunkless. I had heard that she was looking to publish a book of her own and she needed a place to start. Our initial intent was for Tami to begin blogging here, and then leap from the lilly-pad into the world of writing — but she fell in love with Drunkless and what we’re doing, so rather than leap from the lilly-pad I’d created, she stuck around!

And I’m so very grateful she did.

With Tami’s help, we continued to grow the world around. She’s stuck out the ups and downs when most could not. She also helped me launch another dream of mine — a “radio” show (aka: a podcast) I called Drunkless LIFE: Recovery Podcast.  She recalled her radio days and walked me through our first five or six shows, and then stepped away so she could continue writing her book and I could continue to learn.

Tami has written for Sobriety Secrets, and weeklly on Drunkless, she writes an in-depth blog about her experience, strength, knowledge, and HOPE while living in recovery. Her writings are a true labor of love and have been showcased @recoveryrockstars, as well as regularly @sobergridapp. She was given serious consideration for Hippocampus Magazine's Annual Themed Edition “Firsts,” where she made the Short List. Her powerful story has been shared with hundreds during various speaking engagements.

Tami works an imperfect 12-Step Recovery Program with the help of a very huge Higher Power, and she openly breaks her anonymity on a daily basis to help others who suffer from the seemingly hopeless disease of alcoholism and addiction.

"I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada where I received my Masters in Partying. I completed my Doctorate in Alcoholism on 05/20/2010 by getting sober in Boise, Idaho where I now reside. It is here that I attended and graduated from Boise State University, joining the ranks of Alumni. I am passionate about writing but anyone who knows me, knows that my three children are my first love. I am the proud Mema to five and a soon-to-be empty nester/world traveler."

Her long list of experience includes: Marketing Director, Managing Consultant, Editor, Public Relations Manager, Peer Recovery Coach, and overall Miracle Worker. Tami’s first book is currently in the works.

Tami Joined Drunkless on February 11, 2016. She’s been a huge blessing to this site. She is a wealth of experience, knowledge, wealth, love, passion, and hope. I am glad to have her on the Drunkelss Crew!