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Scott Shepherd

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I sobered up on September 21, 2013 after a run for death.  By shear accident, when I reached out to get the “final ride” to the liquor store, I inadvertently made the one call that would lead me to saving my life.  After a begrudging struggle, I decided to listen to the recovery center where, for the first time, I caught a sliver of the rising sun -- for all of it's glory.

I knew at that point I had to be honest with myself if I was going to grow and get away from what was killing me -- ME.  So I began my long journey; afraid of living, terrified of failure, scared of my own shadow, and wishing for death -- but ultimately learning the truth.

And today, I'm still learning my truths, growing in a light that I intentionally try to wrap myself with, and a love and compassion that feed my soul with kindness and care.  I am changing.  What I write, draw, or say in my blogs, art, or talks are how I feel and what I believe at the time that I write/draw/speak them -- but I reserve the right to grow and change my mind at any point in time, whether ten years from now, or ten seconds after I've posted it.  It's called growth, and I'm doing it.

Going from Nearly-Daily blogging to Once-A-Week, these blogs are mini-chapters of my life. I write them to help me process my day; to talk to "somebody" besides Left Side and Right Side who work tirelessly to shut me down.  I write them to work through issues on a wide scale from simple, to highly complex; to find my Life in Recovery, and to learn to live life Drunkless.

I am a believer in Life, Love, Release, Acceptance, and a Power Greater than myself -- all of which I achieve through prayer and meditation, the very practice that created my connection to my Higher Power.  I believe in physical and spiritual connectivity, tying the two together with mental and emotional threads sewn from the heart; seeking stability through connectivity with one another and the Universe in Nature as a whole. My heart rests in peace knowing the True Creator, who is Pure Love (aka: God).

I seek not to be found, but to find, and in my finding, I hope to help the hopeless; the desperate souls that have lost their way in their search for acceptance, love, and understanding.  It is with this that I extend my hand in the only way I know how -- my own experience and strength, as odd as it may or may not be.

I will post a small blog here to journal my day(s) or week(s) or month(s) — and the most prominent thoughts, feelings, or lessons — which may spur bigger movements and larger discussions.  In doing so, I seek not only find answers for myself, but to offer a possibility of hope for those seeking the light, by whichever path they find that leads them to it.

It is as the Third Step Prayer resonates:

“Creator, I offer myself to you, to do with me as you will. Releive me of the bondage of Self, that I may better do your will. Take away my difficulties, so victory over them can bare witness to those I would help of your Power, your Love, and your way of Life. May I do your will always. Aho.”