Crew Member, Kade Hemerson

Kade Hemerson

Kade Hemerson (yes - this is what he actually looks like)

Kade Hemerson (yes - this is what he actually looks like)


Part-Time, Fill in Blogger

Blog: Whatever needs filled, whenever he can!
Blog Days: Random, sporadic, and as needed.

I’ve known Kade since high school (sorry Kade, didn’t mean to age you, dude!). He was my unspoken buddy who was just always there — which doesn’t mean “good” or “bad” — just always around.

When Kade initially heard me talk about my concept of Drunkless, he immediately wanted to be a part of it, as long as he could do it silently and anonymously. And silent he was, and anonymous he will remain (yes, Kade is his legal pen name). When Life gave me a lot to work through, he stepped up to the plate and began substitute blogging. He’s only written a few blogs, but believe me, there’s more to him than most will ever know.

"My name is Kade Hemerson.  I don't write much because, quite truthfully, I don't have a lot to say. I usually just watch people and observe, but when DL was having a rough go of it and reached out for blog coverage, I knew it was time to make a change.  Hell, everybody else in recovery was changing -- why no me? So here I am, part-time/substitute blogger for Drunkless.  Who would've ever thought?"

I’m very happy that Kade joined the Drunkless Crew. Keep an eye out for his sporatic, random posts. Never know when he’ll jump in, but if I get it my way — he’ll become a regular!

Thanks for joining the crew, Kade!