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Kade Hemerson


Blog: Keep It Simple Silly

I met Adrienne back in June of 2015, and we've become close friends.  Adrienne came into the blogging scene shortly after Tami Harper Winn and has been a popular and steady contributor to Drunkless. Her insight and constant reminder that "what we say is also what we hear" and her thought provoking topics and ideas press us to loosen up and think much simpler...

Tami Harper Winn

Tami Harper Winn

I met Tami through another friend of mine, and she's become a big part of Drunkless. I had heard that she was looking to publish a book of her own and she needed a place to start. Our initial intent was for Tami to begin blogging here, and then leap from the lilly-pad into the world of writing — but she fell in love with Drunkless and what we’re doing, so rather than leap from the lilly-pad I’d created, she stuck around!

Scott Shepherd

Scott Shepherd


Founder, Blogger, Podcast Host/Editor, Photographer, Video Producer/Editor, Graphics Designer, Web Admin (there’s a lot to such a little site!)

Blog: Daily Life, and occasionally to fill in when the others can't make it.

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I sobered up on September 21, 2013 after a run for death.  By shear accident, when I reached out to get the “final ride” to the liquor store, I inadvertently made the one call that would lead me to saving my life.  After a begrudging struggle, I decided to listen to the recovery center where, for the first time, I caught a sliver of the rising sun -- for all of it's glory.