February #Love<3 Challenge with Tami Harper Winn

This month is the beginning of the month commonly referred to as the month of love. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner it only seems fitting to make my next month’s challenge one that centers around love.


What most of my readers may not know, who have recently joined me on this journey, is that this month also marks a landmark anniversary for me. This month marks the end of a very long year of grief and sorrow. This past year I have lost both of my parents. It is also the one-year anniversary of my mother’s death this very Valentine’s Day. To most people, they will be celebrating love and enjoying happiness together. For me, this day is a bitter sweet reminder that a very big part of my heart is now missing. But please do not feel sad for me.


Because, in order to keep moving forward and not get settled into the pain of remembering those last moments, I am making a commitment to find #love in all that I do this next month. As a tribute to my mother and as a gift to myself, I am setting out to find one new way to express love each day whether it is to myself or another. I am told that love heals all hearts and I know that mine needs a lot of that. Perhaps yours does too for your own personal reasons, or maybe you just want to experience love on a daily basis. I am told that if I show love I will receive love and I could really use a ton of it this month. In fact, I don’t know one person who could not use more of it.


So, instead of grieving my mother’s loss this month, I am celebrating her love for me and her life. I am hoping you will join me and find a way each day to express that love to yourself or to another and share it with us in the group called (My Coloring Book Called “LIFE”). So come with me and celebrate love in all the ways possible. Just make a commitment to complete one small act of love either for yourself or another each day and then share that act with us in the group and by using the hashtag #love<3. Happy to have you with me…light and love to all of you this month and every month. Let’s rock this world with LOVE.


~ Tami Harper Winn ~